Whole Person Paradigm for Optimal Health and Well Being.


Transformation Medicine Australia is a Holistic Integrative Medical and Complementary Therapies Center that follow the Hippocrates oath of “First do no Harm” . It combines the best of conventional and evidence based complementary therapies in a comprehensive program to assist people regain their health and transform whatever level of dis-ease or degeneration they find themselves in.


This holistic approach considers healing

Path to Wellness through Healing Body and Mind

The Body – Innovative, safe and powerful Integrative Medicine therapies to reverse underlying physical causes of chronic and degenerative illnesses that optimise health and achieve maximal vitality.

The Mind – Recognising that body symptoms almost always have an underlying call for growth and change. Oftentimes these symptoms arise as we suppress our emotions and/or continue habit patterns or mindsets that are not aligned to what we really want in our lives.

The Soul – Releasing underlying blockages to health often leads to experiencing the source of wellness, vitality and radiance within; and from here create new ways that support wellbeing on all dimensions. For most people there is an accompanying peace, health, happiness, joy, freedom and creative expressions of their true being.

The improved health and wellbeing of the individual person and thereafter, the community at large, is the primary outcome of this philosophy. The abundance of research available shows that integrating multiple forms of medicine in a complementary way can have an additive effect, and can be more effective than relying on any one approach by itself.



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